South African RTG Casinos now accepting Bitcoin

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Over recent years more and more online players have turned to Bitcoin to pay for their gambling pleasures and South Africa was left behind in this global trend. That has since changed, and many of the top SA online casinos have worked tirelessly to accommodate their SA customers by offering Bitcoin, and they include well known and top-rated SA Casinos like Silversands, Jackpot Cash, Apollo and White Lotus Casinos. Before we discuss the special offers they now have available for their SA cryptocurrency players, let’s delve into details on Bitcoin, including the benefits, safety features and other advantages this cryptocurrency has to offer.

More about Bitcoin and how it works.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, and it operates free of any central control, which means free from the oversight of banks and the Government. It relies on peer to peer software and cryptography. Records of all Bitcoin transactions get held on servers across the globe. The best part is that any individual with a spare computer can set up one of these servers known as a Node and consensus on who owns which coins get reached cryptographically across the nodes instead of relying on a bank.

With Bitcoin, each transaction gets publicly broadcast to the network and shared from node to node. The transactions get collected by miners into a group called a block then added to a blockchain which is Bitcoins definitive accounts book. Picture coins in your purse or wallet, with virtual currencies they are kept in digital wallets and accessible from client software or a range of online hardware tools.

Clients with Bitcoin accounts have a private key to prove ownership of their funds, and all they need to do is memorise the private key to retrieve or spend their virtual cash; it’s known as the “brain wallet”.

What is the benefit of Bitcoin when playing at Online Casinos?

The internet can be dangerous if a site does not use top-notch online SSL encryption technology. Playing in Bitcoin is a safe method of transferring money across the internet when playing at a reputable online casino like Silversands, Apollo, Jackpot Cash and White Lotus Casinos. There are many advantages when using Bitcoin at casinos: its anonymity, the speed at which players get to access their winnings, and the low fees as no third party approval is required. To date, there have been no significant thefts at a Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin transactions are encrypted and verified several times at various points on the network, and a client’s private keys are lengthy and extremely hard to encode, arguably it’s safer than credit and debit cards.

How to Deposit at Bitcoin Online Casinos

Players will need Bitcoins and an online Bitcoin wallet to make any Bitcoin transactions when playing online. Getting started is simple:

Sign Up or Login You then go to the cashier section of the online casino Select Bitcoin as a currency option Enter the number of Bitcoins for transfer to your casino account Follow the instruction to complete the transaction Your account is loaded, and it’s time to get those reels spinning.

Top South African Bitcoin Casinos

Author: Donald Hernandez